Tuesday, August 12

Accenture BPO to expand headcount

New Delhi: Global consulting and technology services major Accenture is planning to expand the company s business process outsourcing (BPO) footprint in India by increasing the headcount to 50,000 in the next five years and opening of more centres in various cities. "We would be increasing our headcount from 37,000 to 50,000 in the next five years and set up more centres. Most of our business would be focused on the third party solutions and a little bit on the captive sector," Accenture BPO Lead Executive P G Raghuraman told PTI. The company is also seeking to tap the BPO industry by securing new acquisitions in the domestic market. "In the last quarter, we made 10 acquisitions globally and there is lot of scope for replicating it in the country," He, however, refrained from mentioning the names of firms Accenture BPO is eyeing presently. "If we go for acquisitions, it would be for increasing our capability and delivery network and not for merely increasing our scales," Raghuraman added. He said the company is planning to tap the emerging growth opportunities in the domestic business sector. The company has presently 37,000 employees in the country and 13 centres located in six cities and plans to add another 13,000 odd employees as part of the firm s global delivery network expansion. "In the future, we are looking at all emerging sectors including telecom, retails, FMCG for providing support with our BPO network. In addition, we are also seeking to tap the opportunities in sales support, finance and accounting and supply chain management," Raghuraman said.

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