Friday, January 11

Contech BPO set to enter music digitisation

Ahmedabad, Jan. 10 Contech BPO Services Pvt Ltd, an Ahmedabad-based BPO/KPO company, has announced plans to expand its back-office operations in music and other niche areas, saying it is set to digitise music from the West.
Mr Rajan Vasa, Managing Director and CEO, told presspersons that in the US, the size of music market is between $20 billion and $30 billion per annum and hundreds of thousands of songs in the inventory of various American music companies remain to be digitised. Of these, only about 20,000 have been digitised so far.
“We have already digitised 900 songs,” he said.
Of late, Russia has emerged as the biggest digitisation country in the world, charging between $8 and $16 for digitisation of a song. In the US, the digitisation rates are currently between $10 and $20 per song. About 60 per cent music is now bought over Internet which is expected to increase to 90 per cent in the next five years.
To tap this potential, the company, which would be digitising songs for various composers and companies globally for easy downloading via Internet, is creating infrastructure.
Contech plans to increase its current strength of 100 people to 500 by 2010,Mr Vasa said. When asked about the talent required for this highly-specialised digitisation process, he said music companies have come forward to train the KPO personnel.
Globally, Internet has emerged as the prime medium of music business, thus increasing the need for digitisation services.
Other emerging areas of business are engineering, design and publishing back-office services, which the company plans to enter this year.


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