Wednesday, December 19

Symphony is bullish on data analytics biz.

Global product engineering services provider Symphony Service has created of a new company called Symphony Marketing Solutions. The new company will focus on helping organizations to use the latest data management and analytics technologies. “Businesses have come to understand the value of real-time market analytics and data analysis—and how a strong, integrated program can be a competitive advantage,” said Gordon Brooks, president and CEO of Symphony Services Symphony Services’ existing Marketing Solutions employees and related operations will shift to the new organization that will be headquartered in Southport, Connecticut with a global delivery and solutions center in Bangalore, India. Of Symphony Services’ 4100 employees, 1100 will make the transition to the new company, which will be headed up by industry veteran Joe Bellini, who will serve as the CEO. Symphony Services is partnering with Symphony Technology Group, which will be the majority shareholder, to launch the new company. Symphony Services has plans to significantly increase its Pune, India-based headcount from 1,000 at present to 10,000. It is also expected to set up various new facilities in the city.

(India Outsourcewatch)

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Internal Opportunities @ IKYA
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