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Team Leader- NOSTRO Reconciliation

Title : Team Leader- Account Reconciliation(NOSTRO)

Shift Timings: 3:30 am to 12:30 p.m (2:30 am to 11:30 am in case of daylight savings)
7:00 am to 4:00 p.m

Role Purpose:

Responsible for the overall professional reconciliation of the Group’s Melbourne’s Nostro and suspense accounts in all currencies.


· High quality, prompt and efficient matching of time critical transactions by reconciliation team.
· Escalation of outstanding amounts over 20 Million to the transaction owner of the transaction on a daily basis whether Domestic or Overseas.
· Timely and cost effective investigation and issuance of enquiries to transaction owners
· Clearance of outstanding transactions within RTGS, NOSTRO and the Groups Suspense Account policy guidelines.
· Acting as a technical reference point/ mentor for Team Members.
· Coordinating the work effort of team members
· Provide Support and guidance to our Internal/ Offshore Points
· Handling a team of 14 people.

Many of the transactions reconciled are typically of high value and outstanding transactions expose the Group to significant risk if not monitored in terms of SLA’s in place with our respective customers.

Account Management (40%)

Provide a high quality reconciliation service to Int'l, other Business Units and our Offshore Network by:

Personally handling enquiries for high risk transactions being escalated/requiring more senior investigation;
Oversee the daily reconciliation of outstanding transactions
Monitor and provide effective intervention to achieve performance against SLA’s in place with various BU’s;
Conduct regular review of individual NOSTRO accounts to minimise operating costs
Manage the resolution of old outstanding transactions (out 30 days) referred by Team Members.
Oversee the reconciliation and sign off on all Suspense accounts reconciled by Account Reconciliation.

Team Effectiveness (60%)
Ensure that maximum output is obtained from Team Members to satisfy SLA requirements and external regulators expectations by:
Providing leadership, coaching and guidance on procedural matters;
Arranging the scheduling of staff holidays, RDO’s and other leave ensuring staff records are properly maintained;
Analyse the KPI tool to better manage the resources available and ensuring that team members are performing to set bench marks.
Review KPI/VCT and process maps timings and activities on a periodical basis ensuring these are aligned with current processes performed by the team.
Actively participating in Team meetings to ensure set goal are achieved, that Team Members understand service expectations and that communication channels will involve staff in the decision making process;
Acting as a technical reference point for Team Member
Ensuring that any areas for improvement are identified and highlighted to management.
Consultation with our customers to better understand their requirements and providing effective solutions
Ensure all Staff Snapshot survey feedback is addressed and take corrective action
Ensure Customer Satisfaction Survey is reviewed and appropriately addressed

Review all Performance Management Reviews (PMR’s) and ensuring all Role Templates is up to date.


Graduate with a minimum of 50% in graduation
Minimum 5 years of experience with at least 1 year as a team leader in a payments process
Good knowledge of handling international payments
Good communication skills.

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