Wednesday, June 20

Urgent Requirements in Strategy & Consulting Operations

As a consultant/Sr Codnsultant,Practice head, you will work on client engagements ranging from corporate strategy, new market entry, growth and innovation, supply chain and operational performance. Projects can be in industries sub segments e.g life sciences (pharma, biotech, distributors etc.), hea! lth insurers and providers (hospitals etc.) ) Banking: Retail banking Commercial banking 2) Insurance: Property insurance Casualty Insurance Life insurance (little overlapping with the FSI industry) 3) Securities: Private equity Debt Investment banking 4) Real Estate: Our work in this segment has been limited to Funds in the Capital Markets On an execution basis work will involve conducting fact-based research, by gathering, organizing and synthesizing information to develop key insights. Conduct complex financial and business analysis to contribute to client recommendations. You will contribute to the development and refinement of hypotheses and create client recommendations. Typical work threads you would be expected to develop and manage may include: Client current profitability, analyzing the market and understanding the trends, benchmarking competitor's operations, developing and recomm! ending cost saving opportunities and creating recommendations ! for reve nue enhancement. This is a pureplay business consulting role based out of Hyderabad.

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Internal Opportunities @ IKYA

Internal Opportunities @ IKYA
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