Saturday, March 21

Lenovo to start analytics work from B’lore hub

AROUND two years ago, Lenovo made headlines when it made Bangalore the marketing hub for its global businesses. After Lenovo took over IBM’s PC business, it found that all the marketing functions were fragmented across various regions and one of the drivers was to centralise these functions. Now the company is expanding the range of functions to include analytical work on how to maximise revenue from customers.
“The average price of a product keeps dropping every month. The challenge is how to increase the order size. So we do some predictive analysis out of our Bangalore centre about what customers who buy a certain product would also like buy. For example, what are the other accessories a laptop customer would like to buy,” said Ranjeet Kulkarni, GM and Analytics head, Lenovo.
WNS Global Services, which has done extensive work with Lenovo on marketing effectiveness optimisation, said there has been 7-10% increase in associated revenue because of these efforts, and many global firms are now centralising analytics work in India. “Earlier, analytics was a fairly distributed function across multiple product lines and geographies. Now the firms have understood the benefits of a having a single pool of people in a location like Bangalore,” said Sanjit Bhaumik, vice-president, WNS.

A leading global consumer products, which started off by outsourcing some analytical works from two of the countries it operates in, has now expanded the engagement to 44 countries. A top auto manufacturer in America, which started off by outsourcing the analytical work to measure the effectiveness of specific sales campaigns, is now setting up an integrated centre for analytics that will help it optimise employee costs, track fraudulent transactions, in addition to analytical functions in sales and marketing.

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