Wednesday, December 3

Wipro rules out salary change in case of BPO shift

INDIA’S third-biggest software exporter, Wipro Technologies said on Tuesday that it will hire around 13,500 engineering graduates as committed earlier, even as the company prepares to cope with a slowing demand for its services in the markets of the US and Europe.
Wipro, which offered these graduates an option of joining the company’s BPO
arm, said it will not change the salary structure for those opting to join Wipro BPO. As reported by ET last week, Wipro had offered these graduates to join its BPO division, anticipating a slowdown in projects in its software services business.
Pradeep Bahirwani, vice-president for talent acquisition at Wipro said on Tuesday that more than 95% of the engineering graduates have already accepted the option of working in Wipro’s BPO centre in Kolkata.These fresh hires would be tran
sitioned to the IT services segment in the span of 12-18 months as their BPO experience would be considered relevant.
The company also clarified that the engineers who opt for BPO work will be compensated as originally promised for their software services roles. These graduates will make anywhere between Rs 2.75-3.25 lakh per annum.
Meanwhile, fresh hires who are not willing to join Wipro BPO will have to wait for around two quarters before they are accommodated in IT services. The company added that the nature of work will be in the non-voice segment.

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