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Mphasis forces employees to move to low-cost locations Or else, just quit

By Subhankar Kundu @ Thursday, December 25, 2008 2:13 PM

IT and BPO firm, Mphasis has asked its BPO employees to relocate to the company’s low-cost locations like Indore and Vadodara. The other option given is to quit. More than 1,000 employees in its Noida centre have been given this condition for their survival in the company.
Most of these employees are reportedly going for the second option, that is, to quit. There's just a week left for them to decide as the company has given a deadline of the end of December.
While opening the BPO centre in Vadodara earlier this month, Mphasis said it aims to expand the facility from the existing 400 seats to 800-2,500 seats in a year long time.
Mphasis declined to comment on the relocation but said that Noida operations will be on.
Shaping up operations could be just an excuse but the reality is company is aiming to move out to low-cost facilities to cut sown the costs.
The company has also invited other IT and BPO firms to recruit from its employees.
In this crisis situation, relocation to low-cost locations is not a bad idea to avoid mass job-cuts.
If the employees move to these low-cost locations, the operations may fall in place smoothly as per plans. But, if the majority employees refuse to do so and quit, then the company might have to compromise with the quality with new recruits, most of them could be local candidates also.
EDS, a company that holds the majority stake in Mphasis, was bought by HP earlier this year.

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