Tuesday, December 16

Infosys bags 5-year outsourcing deal from AstraZeneca

INFOSYSTechnologies has won a five year, multimillion dollar global sourcing deal from pharma giant AstraZeneca. The companies, however, did not provide the financial value of the contract. Under the agreement, Infosys will deliver end-toend application maintenance services to AstraZeneca’s global operations in manufacturing, supply chain, finance, human resources and other corporate functions, according to a release. Infosys will be delivering the services through a global sharedservices model that offers fixed price for outcomebased deliverables, and flexible, unit pricing for managing changes in the base scope of the engagement. According to the release, AstraZeneca is transforming its operations in multiple phases, with the first one spanning across the United Kingdom and the Nordics, and the subsequent phases focusing on the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia. In addition, as part of the transition, AstraZeneca employees in Sweden and the UK will be transferred to Infosys. Earlier this year, Cognizant announced a fiveyear, $95 million agreement with AstraZeneca for clinical data management for all of the pharmaceutical giant’s global clinical development.

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