Saturday, September 6

BPO firm Etech to add 5,000 jobs in India

Ahmedabad: Business Process Outsourcing company Etech Inc is looking to add 5,000 jobs at its Gandhinagar facility within the next 12-18 months. The Texas-based company has purchased tower IV at Infocity to accommodate the global as well as newly initiated domestic business.
The company plans to situate its domestic business at Gandhinagar and is looking to tie up with clients from travel, telecom and retail media sectors, said Yatin Shah, Business Development.

“For the business, we will be investing $50,000 a month in building infrastructure technology and $200,000 in employees,” said Jim Iyoob, Vice-President, Global Development. The company reports a turnover of close to $1 million a month out of Gujarat and plans to do $5-10 million post-job addition, he added.
The company will shift part of its voice processing back to the US due to accent issues and transfer its web chat business to India, said Iyoob.

“We do not want to shift jobs out of America. We will add something there too if we add jobs here. Today, Web chat is catching up as customers like it over phone calls. So we will shift a part of that business to India, and shift back some voice talent,” Iyoob said.

Currently, the company has 2,000 employees in India between its two centres at Gandhinagar and Vadodara. Etech has four centres in Texas, US and two in India but is open to expanding at other locations within India as well as in Africa, he said. The turnover of the company was $40 million last fiscal and the company hopes to reach $100 million in the next three years.

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