Wednesday, March 12

Oracle integrates contact centre technologies
Deepshikha Monga NEW DELHI
WITH call centres looking at cost reduction and better employee utilisation, enterprise software major Oracle has sensed an opportunity and introduced its Contact Centre Anywhere 8.1.1 solution in the Asia Pacific region. Oracle customer relationship management Asia Pacific vice-president Will Bosmasays that the solution is ideal for companies looking at replacing legacy platforms and cutting down costs. Excerpts from an interview: What gaps will this particular solution fill? If you look at traditional contact centres, there are a lot of different technologies involved. That ranges from PCBs to PBX’s, automatic call diallers and so on. Companies that want to set up contact centres often need to deal with a lot of vendors for infrastructure. It means that they have been facing the task of integration and using system integrators. In essence, it’s expensive, complex and often leads to a poor customer experience because they also find it difficult to integrate different channels of communication in a contact centre like voice, chat, email. So, what we’ve done is developed a solution that is a unified, single platform software that takes away the complexities and integration and delivers a single way of managing interaction with the customer. What consumer segments are you trying to cater to with this solution? The first segment comprises telecom companies that want to offer contact centre services to their customers. We do this in a number of countries already, like in Australia and the US. Second market is large enterprises that have a lot of contact centres and would like to integrate all these into a single infrastructure. Because this solution is built from the ground up, it supports things like distributed contact centres and work-at-home agents. That obviously has a lot of economic benefits for the organisation. The third market is SMEs. The final place where we are seeing a lot of traction is the business process outsourcers who provide services to multiple clients. This gives them provisions for additional clients and improved agent utilisation. In India, we are targeting telecom companies, BPO firms and financial institutions.

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