Tuesday, December 18

Wipro offers human resource consulting

BANGALORE: The soaps-to-software corporate, Wipro, has added another business dimension to its diversified list — human resource consulting. The company may roll out the service as part of its overall IT consulting practice. However, it is currently not looking at spinning it off as a separate business division.

Wipro will offer expertise in training and leadership, process capabilities, people integration post M&As, learning tools and techniques and competency building. The company is not going to look at the recruitment part of the HR spectrum, but may take on contracts for management of development centres for some of its big-ticket clients.

Having built in internal capabilities in HR consulting front, Wipro is looking at taking it to third party and would offer services similar to the specialised HR firms such as Mercer and Hewitt do

Apart from process capabilities and training, Wipro, with its string of pearls acquisition strategy, has offerings on people integration issues as well. Wipro vice-president (HR) Pratik Kumar told ET: “We are offering HR consulting to some of our clients with whom we have deep engagements. We may not go to market with this practice, but will cross-sell it to our existing clients.”

The consulting business accounts for 4% of revenue of the technology major. To that extent, HR consulting would constitute a minuscule part of the pie, at present. The company is looking at bundling HR practice with the overall IT consulting business.

(Economic Times)

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